About Janette

Janette Thompson, 1956-2021.

Janette sadly passed away in 2021 due to complications from motor neuron disease (MND).

She will be greatly missed by friends, family and colleagues, but her art legacy will live on, and with that her love of animals, the environment and visual artistry.

Please continue to enjoy her beautiful art, and don’t be afraid to contact us if you are interested in any of her works.

"Blue Bird" 2014. Shot from my studio.
“Blue Bird” 2014. Shot from Janette’s studio.

A visual artist from Melbourne, Australia, Janette studied printmaking/painting/drawing at Caulfield Institute of Technology. Graduated with a Diploma of Art and Design, majoring in printmaking.

She also received a Graduate Diploma of Education from Hawthorn Institute of Education.
Represented in numerous painting, print and drawing awards whilst working at the Australian Print Workshop.
Janette currently works from her Melbourne studio, predominantly in the mediums of drawing and painting. All drawings are on high quality Arches Aquarelle 356gsm paper.

Janette’s keen interest in birds as a subject matter is mainly due to their fascinating colours and hard dinosaur-like beaks. Some birds, such as the cassowary, convey many hybrid type features, such as contrasts between soft, dynamic feathers and rigid shell-like structures.

Movement and the form of the bird are built up slowly so as to evolve on the paper. This is achieved rather like a sculpture, so the outline of the bird is finally seen at the conclusion of the drawing.